Bringing the best of all high school football players is the Txprepsfootball All Texas Team. These are elite members of Texas high school football teams. One of the players is Garrett Gilbert from Lake Travis. Garrett has hit the records with 4,826 yards in a single season. He is the son of former National Football League Gale Gilbert, who played for the Chargers, Seahawks and the Bills. Not to mention this quarterback has made 52 touch downs in 2007 and he is responsible for leading his team to the Class 4A Division II State Championship.

Some of the state records were placed years ago. Kenneth Hall set the record for most career rushing yards at 11,232. That was in Sugar Land 1950-53. Earlier in the century was another phenomenal player, Samuel Baugh. He was named the first best professional football quarterback. He later went on to play for the Washington, Redskins.

Earl Campbell is a Pro football Hall of Fame member. Nicknamed The Tyler Rose (after the place he is from, Tyler, Texas). In 1978 he went on to play for the Houston, Oilers and named the Offensive Rookie of the year and the Most Valuable Player, by the Associated Press. He also went on to play for the New Orleans Saints.

Doak Walker, born in Dallas, Texas, was crowned All American football player with the Heisman Trophy. That was back in 1948. Then he went on to play for the Detroit Lions and helped to pave the way to the National Football League Championships. He too, is a member is the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

There are a total of thirteen outstanding football players from the Texas state history books. All of which have went on to become phenomenal athletes, thus making Texas well known for their talented National Football League players of all time.

Currently, sitting at number four in the nation is the Katy, Texas เว็บบอล ดีที่สุด Tigers. Some former Katy, Texas high school football players include Jorge Diaz, who is offensive lineman went on to play for the National Football League. He played for the Tigers in 1991 and is now with the Tampa Bay, Buccaneers. Eric Heitman is also a offensive lineman playing for the San Francisco 49Er’s. He played for the Katy Tigers in 1997.

The Tigers are a great team setting state records. James Aston, a rushing back set the record at 34 rushing carried in a Championship game and that was back in 2003. In 1999, Jamel branch, who is also a rushing back set the record with 249 rushing yards in a Championship game.

Over the years, the state of Texas has brought us some of the most phenomenal athletes. Many of them were branded the best of NFL in some way or another.Also, because Texas has brought the NFL some of the greatest all time players, I believe that is the main reason why Texas high school football is so popular today. They have certainly paved the way for some of the National Football League’s finest of all time.

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